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Posted on by louanne.young

An Idaho business has come up with a way to make money by giving people a place to get out their frustrations or just have fun by breaking stuff. Das Breakroom in Boise opened earlier this month, giving customers items to destroy, tools to destroy them with, the room itself and safety equipment.

More Watercooler Stuff

Posted on by scott.turnbull


Ellen…Victoria…Drew…and a great real estate deal you might want to check out…

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Music Acts Who Are Hardest To Understand

Posted on by scott.turnbull

Ozzy O.

According to a new poll of 2,000 adults conducted by Blinkbox Music…I can’t see anyone disputing this list…Maybe adding to it…but not disputing it…

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[VIDEO] Meet Canada’s New Bachelor

Posted on by Bram

BT_BACHELOR_radioWatch Now

What do you think?

Posted on by louanne.young

Following in Ed Sheeran‘s footsteps, John Mayer has covered a Beyonce record. The singer performed an acoustic version of “X.O.” during his show in Adelaide, Australia yesterday (April 15th).

Viagara Ice Cream!!…(Now There’s A Headline That Should Grab You)

Posted on by scott.turnbull


Stuff going on…

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Council approves budget with 0 percent tax increase

Posted on by jason.bertrim

BudgetCity Council unanimously approved a 99.7 million dollar budget on Monday with a zero percent tax increase for residential taxpayers. Prior to council’s decision, the budget was on the table with a levy increase of 1.35 percent. 2.15 million out of a 3.6 million dollar surplus — including 750 thousand that was supposed to pay for the cost of the Visitors Centre at the Ermatinger Clergue National Historic Centre — and 575 thousand dollars from annual funding from casino revenue was allocated towards getting the levy to zero. City Chief Administrative Officer Joe Fratesi disagreed with a suggestion that there was still more to be done for this year…

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Oh…It Was Sad…So Sad…Yes It Was Sad…So Sad…Remember The Song?

Posted on by scott.turnbull


Yes, the supposedly unsinkable RMS Titantic ran into an iceberg in the North Atlantic on this date April 14th,1912 and began to sink…So here’s a little Titantic trivia to help us remember the event…

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Today Is Golfers Day(ok…maybe not here…but somewhere)…

Posted on by scott.turnbull

Golfer Driving

In honour of the day…and the fact that The Masters is on in Augusta Georgia…Some memorable…and funny…”caddy quotes”…

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Former Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty Has Died

Posted on by john.murtha

     Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has died.  The Commons has suspended its work for today.  Flaherty had only stepped down as finance minister a month ago.  He was 64-years old.

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