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United Healthcare surveyed 100 people who turned 100 in 2010 to provide a snapshot of the healthy habits that keep them going strong…Here’s what they said…

More than 80 percent communicate with a friend or family member daily.
75 percent eat nutritionally balanced meals every day.
75 percent get eight hours or more of sleep each night.
72 percent laugh or giggle every day.
62 percent pray, meditate or engage in a spiritual activity daily.
49 percent stay active by walking or hiking at least once a week, while 31 percent stay active by gardening.
32 percent eat organic foods regularly.
17 percent are currently doing some type of volunteer work.
An increasing number of centenarians are also staying sharp by using new technologies: 12 percent have listened to music on an iPod or similar device, 11 percent have watched a video on YouTube and 8 percent have sent a text message or instant message.