Yes, I am so guilty of this, often using my own caricature rather than an actual photo. The thing is; it never has a bad hair day!

Shelley Wright writer Mary Elizabeth Williams has posted an amusing piece about Facebook users who post pictures of their dogs or cats in place of THEIR OWN profile pics. She writes:

?I want to see you. Not your child, not your cat. Not you as you were when you were in second grade. Not a cartoon avatar version of yourself. When I look at that little square next to your name, I want to see you. And I want you to see me too.?

–Are you guilty of doing this? Why? Are you ashamed of your picture or what you look like? Or is your pet just that adorable?

–Does it bother you when you go to someone’s Facebook page and they have virtually NO photos of themselves? What is that about? Do you think these users have privacy issues or is something else going on?