The Sault’s economy was hit harder by the last recession and hasn’t recovered to the extent that Ontario’s economy has as a whole.  Economic data from Destiny Sault Ste. Marie looks at a period from 2008 to 2013 and points to the GDP which is seen as the best measure of the size of the local economy.  The city’s gross domestic product in 2013 was estimated to be 2.8-billion dollars or 2.1% below the 2008 pre-recession peak.  By comparison the Ontario economy experienced a more severe decline but has since recovered and in 2013 was 3.6% above its 2008 level.  Among other findings:  the value of industrial building permits has been stable when compared to the long term average which is consistent with provincial trends.  Commercial, institutional and residential building permits have been above their long term average in recent years.  Also  our goods producing sector has lost 40% of its employment since 2008 which is a much more severe reduction than the Ontario average.  However, the goods producing sector is leading the local economy in improving its levels of productivity.