Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org
Who wants to think about calories when you’re sipping a margarita from a wide glass rimmed with salt or enjoying a tall, refreshing mojito? Here’s the disturbing reality: Some cocktails have as many calories as a doughnut. Details magazine calculated the calorie content for some of the most popular cocktails. This might make you think before you drink.

The calorie count of a dozen popular cocktails:

Mai Tai: 219 calories
Long Island Iced Tea: 213 calories
Sidecar: 207 calories
gin martini: 200 calories
White Russian: 195 calories
Negroni: 195 calories
Margarita: 192 calories
Gin and Tonic: 190 calories
Manhattan: 187 calories
Bloody Mary: 168 calories
Daiquiri: 163 calories
Mojito: 161 calories