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How far would you go to get the perfect picture for Instagram or post for Facebook? A new study reveals what those perfect posts are costing us. A survey of 1,623 people unveiled that 58 percent admitted that “posting the perfect picture” has prevented them from “enjoying life experiences.” Furthermore, 91 percent say they’ve witnessed tourists miss a great moment because they were trying to capture it for social media, and most of those people admit to doing the same thing themselves. A mother surveyed says, “While trying to capture and post my daughter’s dance event, I completely missed it. She asked me, ‘Did you see me?’ and I really didn’t. It was awful.” Seventy five percent of people also admit to being rude or distant because they focus more on their phones than the people around them, and 25 percent have even let their smartphone disturb “intimate” moments. A shocking 14 percent of respondents even say they’ve risked their own safety to score a selfie. How has social media ruined your life? (Mashable) (image: