CitySSMOne week after it passed the 2015 City Budget, Council will consider a spending review at Monday’s meeting.  A motion is being made that a subcommittee be struck consisting of the Mayor, two councillors, the interim CAO, the Finance Commissioner and the Capital Planning and Audits Manager.  A report on ways to properly prepare a review of City Operations and grants to outside agencies would be done for Council with findings and recommendations.

A request is being made for financial support of an event the city is bidding for.  The bid for the 2017 Brier is scheduled to be discussed at City Council on Monday.  Council will be asked to receive a report from Tourism Sault Ste. Marie on the bid and that the city confirm a contribution of 150 thousand dollars towards the Canadian men’s curling chmpionship.  Should the Sault be successful in getting the 2017 Brier, the money would either come from a fund Council deems appropriate or the Economic Diversification Fund.

Another important item on City Council’s agenda is a report on various flood prone areas.  Council will be asked to allow a contract to be prepared for remediation work on four specific areas: 

Ontario Avenue at Summit Avenue — $280,000 for an storm sewer upgrade
Bianchi Estates on Millcreek Drive — $55,000 to re-grade the walkway
Morrison Avenue — $90,000 to re-route a catchbasin lead
925 People’s Road — $25,000 to install a concrete headwall and grate

One of those areas is Ontario Avenue at Summit Avenue where a 300 millimetre diameter storm sewer on Summit Avenue was the focus because engineering staff anticipated storm water to surge over the embankment and onto Ontario Avenue. Some of the other work would involve a 1200 millimetre culvert at 925 People’s Road that conveys storm water from a drainage area north of Fifth Line.  It is prone to blockages that result in flooding.