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We all know money can’t buy happiness and overall, you will decide if you want to be happy or not. But…this is a pretty good list of 13 things you must give up if you want to really be happy…It was put out by PopSugar:

1. Bad spending habits! Stop accumulating debt. Make a budget and stick to it!
2. Waiting for the perfect moment. There’s never the perfect time. Live in the moment.
3. Give up you social media obsession.
4. Give up living in the past.
5. Give up yearning to fit in.
6. Give up your disorganized lifestyle.
7. Give up overanalyzing situations.
8. Give up your need to have the best things.
9. Give up toxic relationships.
10. Give up your hesitation to indulge. Have fun every now and then.
11. Give up comparing yourself to others.
12. Give up your packed schedule.
13. Give up relying on others to make you feel happy and fulfilled.