P!nk is one of the most talented, fearless and accomplished women in music and she’s back with her brand new album, Beautiful Trauma.

Upon the album’s release, our Entertainment Reporter Adam Wylde sat down with P!nk and spoke about a number of topics including family, her nearly two decade career & much more.


Back in August, P!nk released the album’s first single, ‘What About Us’.

Releasing ‘What About Us’ as the first single marked a bit of a departure for the singer as it’s not the typical song she’d release as the lead single,

“A lot of times I got with a song like, ‘So What’ or ‘Get The Party Started’ or just those obvious, growly, snarly, signature me anthems and we had this song and it’s beautiful and I love it and I think it’s a great song number one, and number two, it is my whole truth right now, and I am a person that is watching the world and this is how I feel, this is my truth and I needed to do that this time.”

For Beautiful Trauma, P!nk teamed up with some incredible producers including Max Martin & Shellback (who worked on, ‘Whatever You Want’, ‘Secrets’ and ‘For Now’ and working with them again was a real treat for the singer,

“I love them. They’re my favourite. They have a style to them that is all their own, it’s just really fun. You know when you work with Max Martin that you’re going to get a certain caliber of song.”

Martin had previously worked with P!nk on some of her biggest hits including, ‘So What’, ‘Raise Your Glass’ and ‘Perfect’.



P!nk also worked with two incredible singer song-writers in Jack Antonoff, who helped co-write the album title track, and Julia Michaels who worked on the song ‘For Now’ among others.

When it came to working with Antonoff it was an absolute no brainer for P!nk, “Jack is one of those people that is so lovable and he’s just a lovable human and he’s sarcastic as hell, he’s got an incredible sense of humour and [we just became] insta-friends.”

In Julia Michaels (who released her own debut single this year titled, ‘Issues’), P!nk admires her so much, that she wants to slap her!

“I want to slap her in public, she’s incredible. We wrote, ‘Barbies’ and we wrote ‘For Now’ and she’s so talented it’s sickening and makes my stomach hurt and her voice is incredible and she’s a really nice person.”

What’s certain to be one of the most talked about songs off Beautiful Trauma is P!nk’s collaboration, ‘Revenge’ with rapper Eminem. The two share a similar rebellious, and brilliant nature, a fact that’s not lost on the singer,

“He’s my favourite…He’s the best. People get up and arms and say he’s misogynistic and he’s this, but the thing I love about Eminem is that he will say whatever is going to offend people and I find that people are just more and more [easily offended] so it’s actually really enjoyable to watch. I can do it in 140 characters or less on Twitter and he just does it rap songs.”

To that last point, did you see Eminem’s freestyle on the BET Hip Hop Awards from this week?

Well, let’s just say he takes full aim at US President Donald Trump (click here to see it).

As you listen to Beautiful Trauma you’ll hear songs specifically about her relationship with husband Carey Hart (‘You Get My Love’), songs meant to inspire you, (‘Better Life’) and even her daughter Willow’s favourite, (‘Secrets’).

P!nk’s new album, Beautiful Trauma is out now!



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