Today marks the end of an era in Sault Ste. Marie radio.  On Friday Rogers Media announced that Scott Turnbull is retiring from KiSS 100.5.

Scott has been away from KiSS Mornings since November of last year.  He dropped in on the show back in April and while he was on, he explained where he had been and to say thank you to some very important people.

Staff wondered at that point if Turnbull might be getting a little tired of getting up at 4:00 am but no one knew for sure until the announcement was made on Friday.

Scott has been at it for the last 43 years since he started in 1975 at a radio station in Dryden working for a whopping take home of $164 bi-weekly.

Scott is going to spend time his time working on his golf game, cheering on his beloved Detroit Tigers and ensuring that dinner is prepared and the house tidy when Liz gets home every night.

There is a plan to have Scott back on KiSS Mornings to say a proper thank you and have a little fun with as many of Scott’s radio friends and people from Sault Ste. Marie as possible and then everyone will probably head to the Canadian for “wings” and a beer.