This is the dream job that everyone wants!

Image traveling across Europe, Southeast Asia or The United States Of America for three months with your best friend! Well you can stop imaging because Busabout, wants to PAY you to do just that! Their plan for “The Great Travel Experiment” is to show the world that being flexible and spontaneous when traveling can make better travel experience. Right now they are looking for six people to head out on “The Great Travel Experiment” and capture all the amazing moments along the way.

So obviously there is a small catch…While traveling, Busabout Instagram followers will decide what you do next, from which “flavour of ice-cream you’ll slurp on in New York, to whether you’ll ski- the Swiss alps.” The trips are each valued at $14,000, with all your expense paid, plus you will receive $700 every two weeks for a grand total of $3,850 while out on the road!

Here Are The Maps

So how can you score this job? You need to make and upload a 60 second YouTube video showcasing your hometown and Include the hashtags #travelexperiment and #busabout in the title of your video. The main thing they are looking for is “Is someone who can tell a great story, so be as creative as possible. Remember to introduce yourself too – first impressions count!”

So what are you waiting for APPLY HERE!

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