FutureSSM says local employers are looking to fill 130 high-skilled positions here in Sault Ste. Marie.
The local city run group is currently working closely with local employers, educational institutions, training organizations and employment agencies to take a coordinated approach to address current skilled-labour demands.
Data released by FutureSSM points to Sault Ste. Marie’s median age being 5-years above the provincial average.
City Deputy CAO Tom Vair says part of that coordinated approach is next week’s job fairs in the Toronto area aimed at recruiting high-skilled newcomers and repatriating Saultites who have left.
Vair says he is pleased with the interest…

Vair talks about the approach being taken to address the shortage…

The work in progress for FutureSSM has involved connecting Saultites to local opportunities, aligning students and educational programs to local jobs of the future, and investigating training programs with local partners.

With a quarter of the Sault’s workforce over 55, local employers will be looking to replace almost 9-thousand workers in the coming years.