“ADSB student athletes are travelling to Toronto to participate in the 2019 Special Olympics Ontario Invitational Youth Games. The games take place from May 14th to 17th.”

Supplied by the Algoma District School Board…
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Special Olympic movement, the 2019 Special
Olympics Ontario Invitational Youth Games will bring together 2000 student athletes from
around the world to Toronto May 14th – 17th. The Algoma District School Board is very
pleased to be sending over 30 student athletes from Rockhaven School in Serpent River,
Superior Heights and White Pines to compete in this invitational, international event. On
Monday morning, May 13th, ADSB students boarded a bus along with their
teacher/coach/mentors to travel to Toronto.
For the first time, high school aged students with an intellectual disability will have the chance to
compete in an international sports competition. Athletes aged 13-21 both with and without an
intellectual disability will compete in five sports: athletics, basketball, bocce, floor hockey, or
soccer. The Games will offer two types of team divisions in these five sports:
1. A traditional division, where all athletes of the team have an intellectual disability, and
2. A unified division, where athletes with and without an intellectual disability will have the
opportunity to compete on the same team.
Rockhaven Team (and coaches):
Rockhaven Raptors Basketball Team (John Clayton/Pat Cook)
1. Brooke Berube
2. Kaley Crawford
3. Brandon Drakes Kalaw
4. Zachary Olmstead
Superior Heights Team (and coaches):
Superior Heights Athletics Team (Erin Eitrem, Cindy Law, Marnee Giuliani)
1. Skylar Bragg
2. Heidi Baggs
3. Ryan Oliver
4. Alex Wesley
5. Nathan Donaghue
Unified partners:
1. Marie-Pier Lecours
2. Madison Orlando
3. Deven Stasiuk
4. Christian Damignani.
Youth Leadership Summit (Shawna Wooton)
1. Sarah Head
2. Allison Caldwell-Pratt.
White Pines Team (and coaches):
Team Extreme Soccer Team (Carla Muto/Scott MacDonald)
1. Cameron Berry
2. Devon Cote
3. Mason Fremlin
4. Selena-Lynn Skagen
5. Austin Kennedy
6. Christopher Callaghan
7. Senta Saylor
8. Meaghan Miln King
9. Tyler Bazzo
United Wolverines Soccer Team (Destiny Weston/ Bridget Barton)
1. Chase Southwind
2. Karly Saylor
3. Jarret Krauter-Maki
4. Daniela Bossio
5. Alex Silveri
6. Jayna Petingola
7. Mackenzie McBride
8. Paige Twardzek
Boccie Team Wolverine (Randi Moss/Alyssa Pinder)
1. Selena Oullettes
2. Alexus Precepa
3. Sienna Whitfield
4. Sarah Szabadkay-Coward
Opening ceremonies are Tuesday May 14th at 7:30pm at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
and though the event is sold out, friends, family and supporters are able to watch the ceremony
as it is being live streamed on TSN and TSN 2. For more information about the 2019 Special
Olympics Ontario Invitational Youth Games visit their website at: https://youthgames2019.com/.
The Algoma District School Board wishes all of our athletes best of luck at the four-day event.
“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”
~ Athlete’s Oath