Former cabinet minister Steven Del Duca brought his Ontario Liberal leadership campaign bid to the Sault on Monday.
Del Duca who entered the race more than a month ago met with local Liberals to discuss how the party can rebuild and modernize as he plans to visit communities across the province throughout the leadership process.
The former economic development minister and transport minister under the Wynne government lost his Vaughan seat in last spring’s election when the Liberals were crushed going from a majority government to losing official party status with only 7 seats…

Del Duca has made the commitment to run with 30 candidates under the age of 30 and have at least half of the slate of 124 being women.
His focus will be on getting the big things right including having quality health care closer to home, an economy and social safety net that recognizes the world of work is changing, an education system that aligns with actual jobs and climate change.
Del Duca says when it comes to the north, there are a couple of things he sees as important including a move to possibly once again decentralize some ministry offices or agencies such as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation that was done a generation ago—a number of the OLG jobs were returned to Toronto from the Sault…

Del Duca says it is also important to make sure there is local decision making and significant local input on education and health care and there is a need to look at possibly uploading the maintenance costs of bridges and roads that use to be a provincial responsibility.