Sault Ste. Marie MPP Ross Romano at last November’s funding announcement

The parent company of Huron Central Railway says freight operations east of the Sault will come to an end in early 2020 if financial assistance by the two senior levels of government isn’t provided.
Last November, the Ontario Government provided 980-thousand dollars to allow for emergency work to keep the rail operation going.
That funding was described by the president of Genesee and Wyoming Canada Incorporated as modest and temporarily sustained operations.
A statement from the parent company adds that both the province and federal governments have made commitments to support their long term plan.
The company is calling for 40-million dollars in capital investment over five years to rehabilitate the line and sustain its safe operation.
Back in 2010, the federal and provincial governments provided 30-million dollars to Huron Central over a five year period while Huron Central contributed 11 million for line improvements.