We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but what about a banana!? Well… Eating bananas can help prevent heart attacks, strokes and help with weight loss, So it’s not far fetched to hear that eating the skins are good for you. Susie Burrell who’s a top UK dietician, is spreading the word about the benefits of eating banana skins, these are her findings when you add skins to your diet:

  • 20-percent more vitamin B6
  • 20-percent more vitamin C
  • It boosts your potassium and magnesium
  • You get more fiber
  • Green skins are rich in tryptophan (good for sleep) and resistance starch which helps gut health
  • Yellow skin is loaded with antioxidants

So how do you go about eating the skins? Boiling the skin will soften it up, then you can add them to whatever you want muffins, pancakes, smoothies, cakes etc. Susie also say “cooking meat on top of them will help to boost the moisture content of any meal and they can help make a great vinegar.”


Source:The SUN