City council narrowly approved a resolution which had been brought forward by Mayor Provenzano earmarking funds from the City’s Economic Development Fund for both Algoma University and Sault College for projects that will grow the post secondary institutions.
The approval came by way of a 4 to 3 vote at last night’s meeting with the Mayor casting the deciding vote.
Up to 100-thousand dollars will be made available from the fund for the next three years or the remainder of the council term.
Mayor Provenzano says the City and college and university will work together to come up with potential projects that will be brought back to council for approval.
A few councillors expressed concern with earmarking the funds saying it would be better to identify the projects first before designating any amount of money—-Councillor Shoemaker suggested it would result in better projects.

City staff is already in the process reviewing our community’s policy regarding warming shelters.
That was revealed at last night’s council meeting from City CAO Malcolm White during a discussion on the issue as a resolution had been brought forward calling for a review based on the most extreme weather event over the holidays when local residents were left without power over an extended period due to the ice storm.
The current policy is only triggered due to cold temperatures and it was also suggested that the threshold for triggering the policy be reduced from minus 40 degrees Celsius to minus 30.
The City recognized the need for a warming shelter and one was established at the Water Tower Inn despite the relatively mild temperatures in this latest weather event.