Another Oscars award show in the books and aside from the fancy trophy people take home. They also get a swag bag! Everyone loves them, but the ones you get from the Oscars are far superior to the ones you’d get from Brad’s annual golf tournament. 

This year’s swag bags are next level!! According to Forbes this yes swag bag is valued at $225,000 which is up almost $80,000 from last year!

So what was inside this year’s bag?:

  • $29.99 a pouch – “Hydrogen-infused” water 
  • $75 – Posh amethyst bath bombs
  • $150 – gold-plated cannabis vape pen 
  • $250 – “Brainwave-sensing meditation headband”
  • Up to $25,000 worth of cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures such as lip fillers and chemical peels. 

Now if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a voucher for a 12-day cruise on a yacht with butler service, 2 helicopters and spa! Valued at $78,190… Oh and the destinations that are include, Antarctica and the Mediterranean.


Few more things in the swag bag:  

  • A romantic getaway in a Spanish lighthouse.
  • Year’s membership to a luxury dating service. 
  • The Peezy Midstream, a “medical urine collection system that claims to improve the accuracy of testing for infections.”


Source: Newsweek