I’m very BIG on eating food before the expiry date and NOT eating it after the expiry date has come and gone. But, a lot of people believe that just because something is a few days, a month’s or even a year expired, doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. Bustle has put together a list of foods that you could eat past the expiration date. 

Cheese – Apparently you can eat it, only if you cut off the mold and still smells okay.

Cereal – They say that if you store it properly, “in this case, in a cool, dry place, cereal can last months after the sell-by date.”

Pasta – Because there is no water in it, it’s good well past the expiry date.

Bread – Simply put, “bread past its expiration date can be safely eaten.”

Yogurt – As long as it smells good and you see no mold in sight, down the hatch it goes.

Chips – Might be stale, but safe to eat.

Chocolate – If stored in a cool place you could expect it to last well past the expiry date.

Frozen Food – Simply put, freezing something will maximize its shelf life.

Prepackaged Produce – If it looks a little “wilted” you can cook it


Source: Bustle