The City’s preliminary budget was tabled and presented at last night’s city council meeting and it shows an overall municipal tax levy increase of 3.05%.
Council was told that the provincial government will be reducing its share of funding for Algoma Public Health from 75% to 70% with the municipal share rising 5% to 30%.
In addition, the majority of 100% funded programs for APH will now be cost shared at the 70% to 30% ratio.
Council at last night’s meeting also approved increases to a number of user fees over a wide range of services that will provide the City with over 188-thousand dollars in new revenue.
The services being increased include city transit fares, marine fees, Bondar Pavilion rentals, ice fees at city rinks, pool fees, athletic field fees and rentals at the Northern Community Centre.
Budget deliberation meetings are scheduled for December 9th and 10th.