The Roz & Mocha Show

Weekdays: 6:00am-9:00am
Canada's favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It's your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on the Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else. #RozAndMocha


Raised as Greek as they come.. Maria is a loud, funny, and energetic gal.. You’ll catch her contagious good vibes and laugh on the Roz and Mocha show, every morning!

KiSS Throw Back

Salt-N-Pepa, Ace of Base, Nelly Furtado and more! The KiSS Throw Back is a full hour of non-stop throwbacks. Catch it weekdays at 9 AM & 5 PM

Ryan Lindsay

Weekdays: 9am-2pm
Catch Ryan- weekdays from 9:00am-2:00pm


Weekdays: 2pm-7pm
The afternoon flies by with Casey on KiSS!

Adele & Ryan

Weekdays: 7pm-9pm
Wrap up your day with a smile! Join Adele and Ryan weekday evenings on KiSS 100.5. Email Adele and Ryan

Vicki Tyler

Saturday: 11am-2pm
Join Vicki Tyler- Saturdays from 11am-2pm

The Weekend Throwback

If you like Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, N Sync, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey Then you’ll LOVE the KiSS Weekend Throwback. Three hours of your favourite Throwbacks, hosted by Greg Burns. Every Saturday from 5p-8p only on KiSS 100.5

Set It Off with DJ Clymaxxx & Devo Brown

Saturday: 8pm-10pm
Every Saturday night starting at 8pm, we Set It Off with the pre-party to your party on the radio, with DJ Clymaxxx & Devo Brown!

The After Party with DJ Mike Tomas

Saturday: 10pm-Midnight
We're bringing you more hit music, in the mix, to keep your night going! When the sun goes down, our volume goes up! The After Party with DJ Mike Tomas…every Saturday night from 10pm-Midnight!


Sunday: 2pm-5pm
Join Robyn- Sundays from 2pm-5pm

YouTube Hits

Sunday: 5pm-6pm
We’ve teamed up with YouTube for a weekly run-down of the hottest music, trends, and topics in entertainment, fashion, gaming, and music!